Continuing onward, the group soon discovered where Maya had exiled herself after giving up her sons. She was cold to them at first, not wanting them to see her face (having lost an eye) and because she feared that they would not love her. Hearing of Bishop’s betrayal and how her sons had come to find her of their own accord, she happily accepted them back into her embrace once more. The event was short-lived however when the Mantis Fangire arrived under orders from Bishop to kill Maya and revived three Fangires to do it. The three Fangires were some of Taiga’s most loyal, making it obvious that Bishop was aiming to secretly control the Fangire Clan through Taiga himself as his only supporter and by killing the rest. They defeated the dolls, but the Mantis Fangire escaped. Maya was brought back to Castle Doran where she was coldly reintroduced to the Arms Monsters and warmly met by the girls who wished to be part of Wataru’s life. She also reconnected with both Wataru and Taiga after being gone from their lives for so long.



First Appearance: Maya Kurenai

Fangires: Mantis Fangire, Moose Fangire, Shark Fangire, Cicada Fangire

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