Bishop is the member of the Checkmate Four and the main antagonist of the Rosario Kiva fanfic story.


As member of the Checkmate Four, he is tasked to oversee the progress of all Fangires and their moral conduct, deeming those who are traitors to their absolute laws

Bishop's human form

such as having relations with humans. In 1988, as the previous King's right hand, he oversees Taiga's development. In 2008, he becomes the advisor before Taiga plans to enrolled to Yokai Academy. However, since learning that the school had made Taiga soft, he decided to send several Fangires to the school on a mission to destroy it believing that humans and Yokai would never be able to accept one another. However, since learning that Kiva is Wataru, the Bishop feels that he would cause another disruption in the Fangire hierarchy as his father had in the past. His fears come true when Taiga rebelled against him. Enraged of Taiga's defiance after all he did for him, Bishop deems him unworthy of his title and send other Fangires to assasinate both the King and Prince of the Fangire Clan. After several of his plans failed, he decided to use his last resort with a crystal ball that contains a massive amount of Life Energy from humans and Fangires alike that he's been saving for a long time to set up a coup d'état and resurrect the previous king, by using his own soul to complete the process, becoming part of the reborn king. In the end, he was finally defeated when Moka (as Lady Kiva) and Wataru (as Kiva in Emperor Form) combined their powers to end his regime once and for all.

Powers and abilityEdit

In his Fangire form, he can spray powder, wield a sword and can also dissolve into powder by means of escaping.
Swallowtail Fangire

Swallowtail Fangire