The last chapter of Rosario Kiva


After Wataru had save Moka from marrying his brother and have Issa's blessing, he and his friends went back to Yokai Academy until they saw an army of revived Fangires attacking the school. With the Arms Monsters' aid and Wataru's friends they help save the school while Wataru as Emperor Kiva, Moka as Dark Lady Kiva, and Taiga as Saga went to the graveyard and were surprised that the former Fangire King is revived. Knowing that it was Bishop's doing, they fought bravery as Wataru and Moka combine their signature attacks to destroy the former King and Bishop once and for all. With Bishop gone, the three Riders went back to their school and were hailed as heroes but not before Inner Moka has her moment with him by biting him and kissing him on the lips which Wataru on the hand bit the Inner Moka back.

Almost two years later, Wataru's old friends and allies attends Moka's wedding to Wataru. Just as Wataru and Moka prepares their vows to each other, a young man resembling Otoya bursts into the reception along with two of his sisters. Calling himself Masao, he claims to be Moka and Wataru's son from 20 years in the future while his sisters calling themselves Miyuki and Kurumi, they claims to be Wataru's daughters as well. They have come to get Wataru and Moka to help them fight the Neo-Fangire menace who have started to appear in 2010, showing up as a vortex in the sky above the Yokai Academy auditorium as Taiga and Mio arrives to the wedding late. Wataru, Nago, Taiga, Moka, Masao, Miyuki, Kurumi, Jiro, Ramon, and Riki transform into Emperor Form, Rising IXA, Saga, Dark Lady Kiva, New Kiva, New Rey, New Kiva-la, Garulu, Basshaa, and Dogga while Wataru's friends transform to their true forms to face this new threat.





"My name is Ruby Toujou, and I am a maid witch!"

"Shall we, Lady Kiva?"

"Hm. I like that title."

"We all have our place. We all have our roles to ensure that peace."

"Like the notes of a song, a melody or a rhyme, we each support one another to build a harmonious world!"

Human, Youkai, Fangire, or whatever lies between. I'll fight to create that harmony!"

"Papa, come on! I need your help. You too, Mama!"

"Oh, sorry, but I'm Masao, your son from the future."

"I'm Miyuki. You and Mizore-kaasan are my parents Otou-san."

"Call me Kurumi! Kurumu-mama and you hook up to have me, Papa!"

"The Neo-Fangires are trying to change the past, Otou-san."

"We've been kicking their butts in our time so they decided to come back here and make things their way!"

"Everyone, let's go."



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