Wataru, Taiga, and Moka all learn the other's alternate identities. Wataru, in self-denial over the startling revelations while Taiga too was in a state of disbelief over the revelation. The girls were all mad at Taiga, demanding some answers from him while Jiro shows up and take them to Castle Doran to discuss this matter. Once they're in Castle Doran, Taiga recognizes a large portrait of his long lost mother as Jiro reveals that he and Wataru are brothers from different fathers and that Wataru is of Fangire Royalty, leaving him and his friends speechless. The following day, Taiga was ambushed by Kuro who wanted revenge for his brother. Luckily Wataru came to his brother's aid and together, they defeated Kuro and freeing the hypnotized girls from Kuro's control.



  • First appearance: Kuro Watanabe