Saizou Komiya was an antagonist to Wataru Kurenai and Moka Akashiya and was the first enemy that was featured in the anime, manga, and fanfiction adaptions of the series. In his first appearance, Saizou was portrayed as a typical school bully until Wataru saved his life.


Saizou was portrayed as the typical school bully kind of guy. He was feared all over the school for his fierce temper and strength. According to a few students, he was sent to Youkai Academy for getting into trouble with human girls, and that Yokai Academy was used as a reform school type of punishment.

In chapter 15, he seems to have developed somewhat of an obsession over defeating and killing Wataru, who he defeated him in battle and left him a bat shaped scar on his body. But after he was saved from Saga, Saizo turned over a new leaf and becomes friendly to Wataru.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Even in his sealed state Saizou has a lot of strength, enough to make a large crater in the wall.

When Saizou reveals his true form, his body changes drastically. He becomes a hulking beast with fangs and a long tongue. While unsealed, his strength is not only enhanced but because of his bigger build, he can inflict a lot more damage.


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