Rosario to Kiva


  • Otoya Kurenai is born.


  • Ageha and Tsurara met Otoya Kurenai.
  • Otoya met Maya and fell in love with her.


  • Nago Keisuke is born. 
  • Megumi Aso is born.


  • Otoya married Maya and died in her arms after defeating the Fangire King.
  • Wataru Kurenai was born.
  • Maya left Wataru at his father's house while the Arms Monsters and Kivat took care of him.


  • Wataru transferred to Yokai Academy and met Moka.
  • Saizo was defeated by Moka-sama and Kiva.
  • Wataru had invited Moka to his home Castle Doran and met his guardians.
  • Moka learns little of Wataru's past and his father.
  • Wataru met Kurumu and defeat her as self denfense when she tries to kill him.
  • Kurumu became Wataru's friend after he spared her life and wanted him to become her Destined One.
  • Wataru met Yukari.
  • Wataru transformed into Kiva and assumed Bashaa Form to defeat the mermaids of the Swimming Club.
  • Wataru and the gang joined the Newspaper Club and met Gin, the club's president.
  • Gin tries to frame Wataru for being a pervert so he could make a move on Moka.
  • Kiva assume Garulu Form and defeat Gin.
  • Wataru met Mizore.
  • Kiva assumed Dogga Form to save Mizore from Kotsubo.
  • Mizore joined the Newspaper Club.
  • Wataru overcome his stagefright and won the Talent Show.
  • Wataru assumed Kiva Garulu and team up with Moka-sama to defeat Tsubame Yotsuba.
  • Wataru became popular.
  • Wataru and Kurumu were attacked by Keito, a member of the Student Police.
  • Kiva assumed DoGaBaKi Form and defeat Keito.
  • Kuyo interrogate Wataru and his friends.
  • Wataru confessed that he's half human.
  • Wataru unlock Kiva's true power and assume his Emperor form, defeating Kuyo.
  • Wataru and the gang went to the human world for summer vacation.
  • Wataru met Nago Keisuke.
  • Nago becomes IXA and attacked Kiva. But Moka-sama defeat him while they escape.
  • Yukari met Ruby.
  • Wataru and the gang encounters Rook and defeat both Moka-sama and Kiva.
  • Ruby joined the gang and become the new resident of Castle Doran as a maid.
  • The girls meet Wataru's childhood friend Taiga Nobori.
  • Taiga transformed into Saga and punished Saizo for hurting his friend.
  • Kurumu confessed her love to Wataru.
  • Mizore confessed her feeling to Wataru but failed because she accidentally froze him.
  • Wataru and Taiga discovered that they are brothers.
  • Kiva and Moka-sama became the popular couple and were crowned the King and Queen of Yokai Academy.
  • Wataru meet Ageha and Tsurara and revealed they know Wataru's father, Otoya Kurenai.
  • Rook was finally defeated.
  • Tsurara and Ageha became friends again after they remembered Otoya's words.
  • Bishop had awakened Wataru's Flight Style.
  • The Headmaster had informed them that their mother, Maya is alive.
  • The girls are going with them in search for Wataru and Taiga's missing mother.
  • Wataru pulled the Zanvat Sword out of the wall and became its owner.
  • Wataru and Taiga had finally reunited with their mother.
  • Wataru and the gang went to school in the human world.
  • Nago gained the Rising IXA form upgrade.
  • Mizore invited her friends to her village.
  • Kurumu went on a date with Wataru.
  • Moka-sama and Kiva defeated Kokoa. Later she joined them but want to awaken her sister and future brother in law to see them.
  • Mizore went on a date with Wataru. But Takato interrupt and fight Wataru to win Mizore's heart.
  • Wataru and the gang went to the past and met Wataru's fater, Otoya Kurenai.
  • Wataru was reunited with Ryotaro.
  • Wataru and the gang fought against the Legendorga Clan.
  • Mizore became Lady Rey.
  • Inner Moka confessed her love to Wataru and became his girlfriend.
  • Kurumu and Mizore also became Wataru's girlfriends.
  • Mio joins the gang and became a first year student in Yokai Academy along with Ramon and Kokoa.


  • Wataru and the gang returned to Yokai Academy as second year student.
  • Wataru won the Monster Durian Hunt.
  • Wataru met Fang Fang Huang.
  • Wataru consummate his relationships with Moka, Kurumu, and Mizore.
  • Wataru met Kurumu and Mizore's fathers.
  • Moka became Dark Lady Kiva.
  • Kiva (Emperor Form), Dark Lady Kiva, and Saga finally defeat Bishop and the King.
  • Wataru and the gang go to Kanto as a field trip.
  • Wataru met Hakufu and Ankh.
  • Yukari had created the pink Core Medals.
  • Kiva and OOO team up to defeat the Yokai Greeed.


  • Wataru and the gang graduated from Yokai Academy.
  • Kurumu became a fashion model.
  • Yukari enrolled in a university in the human world and now dating Ramon.
  • Mizore returned to her village to learn the way of her people and was pregnant with Wataru's child.
  • Taiga and Mio were married and attended a university together while at the same time performing their duties and responsiblity as the King and Queen of the Fangire Clan.
  • Wataru accepted the scholarship to study music in Vienna with Moka and proposed to her.
  • Moka is married to Wataru.
  • Kurumu is married to Wataru.
  • Mizore is married to Wataru.


  • Miyuki Kurenai is born.


  • Masao Kurenai is born.


  • Kurumi Kurenai is born.

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