It is Wataru's second year at Yokai Academy along with his friends now that their adventures in the human world is over, they are now headed back to their old school with three new students: Kokoa Shuzen, Ramon Bashaa, and Mio Suzuki. As they arrived, Moka and Wataru both had gained popularity from the new students. Wataru and his friends were astonished of becoming celebrity to the school while Ramon joined the Swimming Club which the members of the club happily accept and were smitten by his true form. Unfornately, Kokoa had instigate a fight at the freshman orientation when Kiva and Inner Moka came to break up the fight and teach Kokoa to know her place. After the orientation goes on as scheduled, both Wataru and Moka's astonishment at finding a large amount of adoration fan mail in their shoe cabinet from the new students because of their display of power and letting them know that they are the King and Queen of Yokai Academy. Afterwords, Kurumu and Moka began to fight over him after he gave them a passionate good night kiss.



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